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Interface ProxyAccessor

All Known Implementing Classes:
ESMImpl, GigaRegistrar, PUServiceBeanImpl,, TxnManagerImpl

public interface ProxyAccessor

Provides a means to obtain a proxy from an exported remote object.

This interface is typically used in conjunction with activatable remote objects. An activatable remote object can implement this interface so that its proxy can be obtained once the object is activated. If an activatable remote object does not implement this interface, it must define a constructor that takes as arguments an ActivationID and a MarshalledObject, and it must be serializable and marshalling the object produces a suitable proxy for the remote object.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Method Summary
 Object getProxy()
          Returns a proxy object for this remote object.

Method Detail


Object getProxy()
Returns a proxy object for this remote object. If this remote object is not exported (and hence, no proxy is available), then null is returned.

a proxy, or null

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