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Interface LeaseRenewalService

public interface LeaseRenewalService

Interface to the lease renewal service. The interface is not a remote interface; each implementation of the renewal service exports proxy objects that implement the LeaseRenewalService interface that use an implementation-specific protocol to communicate with the actual remote server. All of the proxy methods obey normal RMI remote interface semantics. Two proxy objects are equal if they are proxies for the same renewal service. Every method invocation (on both a LeaseRenewalService and any LeaseRenewalSet it has created) is atomic with respect to other invocations.

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Method Summary
 LeaseRenewalSet createLeaseRenewalSet(long leaseDuration)
          Create a new LeaseRenewalSet that the client can populate with leases to be renewed.

Method Detail


LeaseRenewalSet createLeaseRenewalSet(long leaseDuration)
                                      throws RemoteException
Create a new LeaseRenewalSet that the client can populate with leases to be renewed. The initial duration of the lease granted on this set will be less than or equal to leaseDuration.

Two calls to this method should never return objects that are equal.

leaseDuration - requested lease duration in milliseconds
a new LeaseRenewalSet in the renewal service
IllegalArgumentException - if leaseDuration is not positive, Lease.ANY, or Lease.FOREVER
RemoteException - if a communication-related exception occurs

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