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Packages that use StatisticsMonitor
org.openspaces.admin Entry point for Admin API, allowing to use AdminFactory in order to create an Admin instance. 
org.openspaces.admin.os Support for managing of Operating System(s) through the Admin API. 
org.openspaces.admin.pu Support for managing of Processing Unit(s) through the Admin API. Support for managing of Space(s) through the Admin API. 
org.openspaces.admin.transport Support for managing of Transport(s) through the Admin API. 
org.openspaces.admin.vm Support for managing of Virtual Machine(s) through the Admin API. 

Uses of StatisticsMonitor in org.openspaces.admin

Subinterfaces of StatisticsMonitor in org.openspaces.admin
 interface Admin
          The main interface for accessing Admin API.

Uses of StatisticsMonitor in org.openspaces.admin.os

Subinterfaces of StatisticsMonitor in org.openspaces.admin.os
 interface OperatingSystem
          An operating system is a virtual entity that container information about the operating system one or more grid components are running within.
 interface OperatingSystems
          Machines hold all the different OperatingSystems that are currently discovered.

Uses of StatisticsMonitor in org.openspaces.admin.pu

Subinterfaces of StatisticsMonitor in org.openspaces.admin.pu
 interface ProcessingUnit
          A processing unit holds one or more ProcessingUnitInstances.
 interface ProcessingUnitInstance
          A processing unit instance is an actual running instance of a processing unit.
 interface ProcessingUnits
          Holds one or more ProcessingUnits.

Uses of StatisticsMonitor in

Subinterfaces of StatisticsMonitor in
 interface Space
          A space is composed of several SpaceInstances the form a topology.
 interface SpaceInstance
          A Space Instance is a single instance of a space running as a part of a Space.
 interface Spaces
          Spaces holds all the currently discovered Spaces.

Uses of StatisticsMonitor in org.openspaces.admin.transport

Subinterfaces of StatisticsMonitor in org.openspaces.admin.transport
 interface Transport
          A transport holds information on the communication layer that is used by a grid component.
 interface Transports
          Transports hold all the different Transports that are currently siscovered.

Uses of StatisticsMonitor in org.openspaces.admin.vm

Subinterfaces of StatisticsMonitor in org.openspaces.admin.vm
 interface VirtualMachine
          A virtual machine is a JVM that runs grid components.
 interface VirtualMachines
          Virtual Machines hold all the different VirtualMachines that are currently discovered.

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