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Class TransportStatisticsChangedEvent

  extended by

public class TransportStatisticsChangedEvent
extends Object

An event indicating that a transport level statistics has changed.

Note, monitoring needs to be enabled in order to receive the events.

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See Also:
TransportStatisticsChangedEventManager, TransportStatisticsChangedEventListener

Constructor Summary
TransportStatisticsChangedEvent(Transport transport, TransportStatistics statistics)
Method Summary
 TransportStatistics getStatistics()
          Returns the transport statistics sampled.
 Transport getTransport()
          Returns the associated transport with the event.
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Constructor Detail


public TransportStatisticsChangedEvent(Transport transport,
                                       TransportStatistics statistics)
Method Detail


public Transport getTransport()
Returns the associated transport with the event.


public TransportStatistics getStatistics()
Returns the transport statistics sampled.

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