GigaSpaces XAP 9.7.2 API

Annotation Type GigaSpaceLateContext

public @interface GigaSpaceLateContext

Allows to directly inject a GigaSpace implementation into a class field or setter property. A name can be specified in cases where more than one GigaSpace are defined within a spring application context. The name will be the bean name / id. This annotation will cause the GigaSpace instance to be injected late during the bean lifecycle (after its properties were set). It allows to break cyclic relationships on beans that needs a GigaSpace instance but must be initialized before the space.


Optional Element Summary
 String name
          The name of the GigaSpace bean.


public abstract String name
The name of the GigaSpace bean. Used when more than one GigaSpace is defined and corresponds to the bean name / id.


GigaSpaces XAP 9.7.2 API

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