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Class LocalCacheSpaceFactoryBean

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ServiceDetailsProvider, Aware, BeanNameAware, DisposableBean, FactoryBean, InitializingBean

public class LocalCacheSpaceFactoryBean
extends AbstractLocalCacheSpaceFactoryBean

In some cases, the memory capacity of an individual application is not capable of holding all the information in the local application memory. When this happens, the desired solution will be to hold only a portion of the information in the application's memory and the rest in a separate process(s). This mode is also known as two-level cache. In this mode, the cache is divided into two components, local cache and master cache. The local cache always resides in the physical address space of the application and the master cache runs in a different process. The master cache is used to share data among the different embedded local caches running within other application instances.

In this mode, when a read/get operation is called, a matching object is first looked up in the local embedded cache. If the object is not found in the local cache, it will be searched for in the master cache. If it is not found in the master cache, it will reload the data from the data source. Updates on the central cache will be propagated into all local embedded cache instances in either pull or push mode, using unicast or multicast protocol.


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protected  IJSpace createCache(com.gigaspaces.internal.client.spaceproxy.IDirectSpaceProxy remoteSpace)
          Creates the local cache.
protected  com.gigaspaces.internal.client.cache.SpaceCacheConfig getCacheConfig()
 void setMaxTimeToLive(long maxTimeToLive)
 void setSize(int size)
          Sets the local cache size.
 void setUpdateMode(int localCacheUpdateMode)
          If set to SpaceURL.UPDATE_MODE_PULL (1) each update triggers an invalidation event at every cache instance.
 void setUpdateMode(LocalCacheSpaceConfigurer.UpdateMode localCacheUpdateMode)
 void setUpdateModeName(String localCacheUpdateModeName)
          Allows to set the local cache update mode using a descriptive name instead of integer constants using localCacheUpdateMode.
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public static final String LOCAL_CACHE_UPDATE_MODE_PUSH
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public static final String LOCAL_CACHE_UPDATE_MODE_PULL
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public LocalCacheSpaceFactoryBean()
Method Detail


public void setUpdateMode(int localCacheUpdateMode)
If set to SpaceURL.UPDATE_MODE_PULL (1) each update triggers an invalidation event at every cache instance. The invalidate event marks the object in the local cache instances as invalid. Therefore, an attempt to read this object triggers a reload process in the master space. This configuration is useful in cases where objects are updated frequently, but the updated value is required by the application less frequently.

If set to SpaceURL.UPDATE_MODE_PUSH (2) the master pushes the updates to the local cache, which holds a reference to the same updated object.

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public void setUpdateMode(LocalCacheSpaceConfigurer.UpdateMode localCacheUpdateMode)


public void setUpdateModeName(String localCacheUpdateModeName)
Allows to set the local cache update mode using a descriptive name instead of integer constants using localCacheUpdateMode. Accepts either push or pull.

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public void setMaxTimeToLive(long maxTimeToLive)


public void setSize(int size)
Sets the local cache size.


protected com.gigaspaces.internal.client.cache.SpaceCacheConfig getCacheConfig()
Specified by:
getCacheConfig in class AbstractLocalCacheSpaceFactoryBean


protected IJSpace createCache(com.gigaspaces.internal.client.spaceproxy.IDirectSpaceProxy remoteSpace)
Creates the local cache.

Specified by:
createCache in class AbstractLocalCacheSpaceFactoryBean

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