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Interface SpaceDataEventListener<T>

All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractReflectionEventListenerAdapter, AbstractResultEventListenerAdapter, AnnotationEventListenerAdapter, ArchivePollingContainer, MethodEventListenerAdapter, SpaceRemotingServiceExporter, TaskExecutorEventListenerAdapter

public interface SpaceDataEventListener<T>

A Space data event listener interface allowing for reception of events triggered by different container types. Note, changing the container types should be just a matter of configuration, with the event handling code remaining the same. For simplified, Pojo like, event listeners see the adapter package.

See Also:
MethodEventListenerAdapter, AnnotationEventListenerAdapter

Method Summary
 void onEvent(T data, GigaSpace gigaSpace, TransactionStatus txStatus, Object source)
          An event callback with the actual data object of the event.

Method Detail


void onEvent(T data,
             GigaSpace gigaSpace,
             TransactionStatus txStatus,
             Object source)
An event callback with the actual data object of the event.

data - The actual data object of the event
gigaSpace - A GigaSpace instance that can be used to perform additional operations against the space
txStatus - An optional transaction status allowing to rollback a transaction programmatically
source - Optional additional data or the actual source event data object (where relevant)

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