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Class LastNLogEntryMatcher

  extended by com.gigaspaces.log.LogEntryMatcherFilter
      extended by com.gigaspaces.log.LastNLogEntryMatcher
All Implemented Interfaces:
LogEntryMatcher, Serializable

public class LastNLogEntryMatcher
extends LogEntryMatcherFilter

Returns the last N log entries.

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Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.gigaspaces.log.LogEntryMatcher
LogEntryMatcher.InitializationContext, LogEntryMatcher.Operation
Constructor Summary
LastNLogEntryMatcher(int lastN)
LastNLogEntryMatcher(int lastN, LogEntryMatcher matcher)
Method Summary
protected  LogEntryMatcher.Operation filter(LogEntry entry)
          Should the operation be filtered or not.
Methods inherited from class com.gigaspaces.log.LogEntryMatcherFilter
entries, filterJustLogs, initialize, match
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Constructor Detail


public LastNLogEntryMatcher(int lastN)


public LastNLogEntryMatcher(int lastN,
                            LogEntryMatcher matcher)
Method Detail


protected LogEntryMatcher.Operation filter(LogEntry entry)
Description copied from class: LogEntryMatcherFilter
Should the operation be filtered or not. LogEntryMatcher.Operation.BREAK in order to break and finish the matching process. LogEntryMatcher.Operation.IGNORE to ignore the current log entry (so it won't be passed to the delegated matcher). And LogEntryMatcher.Operation.CONTINUE to pass the current log entry to the delegated matcher.

Specified by:
filter in class LogEntryMatcherFilter

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