GigaSpaces XAP 8.0 API

Package com.gigaspaces.log

Interface Summary
ClientLogEntryMatcherCallback A marker interface for a specific LogEntryMatcher marking it as needed to have extra processing step when it is received on the client side.
LogEntryMatcher A matcher allowing to control the traversal of the log file.
StreamLogEntryMatcher A marker interface indicating that a log entry matcher can be used for streaming (i.e. used repeatedly).

Class Summary
AfterEntryLogEntryMatcher A matcher filter that will return log entries that happened from (after) the provided log entry.
AfterTimeLogEntryMatcher A matcher filter that will match only on log entries that occurred after the specified time.
AllLogEntryMatcher A matcher that returns all the log entries.
BeforeEntryLogEntryMatcher A matcher filter that will return log entries that happened till the provided log entry.
BeforeTimeLogEntryMatcher A matcher filter that will match only on log entries that occurred before the specified time.
CompoundLogEntries Holds a list of LogEntries.
ContainsStringLogEntryMatcher A matcher filter that will filter out all log entries that do not contain the provided string.
ContinuousLogEntryMatcher A reusable matcher (not thread safe) which accepts a matcher that returns the log entries for the first call, and for any other call, a AfterEntryLogEntryMatcher will be used with the last log entry returned.
FirstFileLogEntryMatcher A matcher that will be executed only on the first log file.
ForwardChunkLogEntryMatcher A forward chunk that iterates over all the log files, from start to end.
LastNLogEntryMatcher Returns the last N log entries.
LogEntries A collection of log entries, including meta information such as process id, host information.
LogEntry Represents a log entry.
LogEntryMatcherFilter A base class for entry matchers that act as filters to a delegated matcher.
LogEntryMatchers A set of static construction methods for LogEntryMatchers.
NoneLogEntryMatcher A log entry matcher filter that matches on nothing.
RegexLogEntryMatcher A log entry matcher filter that will match on log entries which match on the given regular expression.
ReverseLogEntryMatcher A streaming log entry matcher that allows to traverse the log entries in a streaming manner in a reverse order.
SameFileLogEntryMatcher A log entry matcher filter that matches on logs that only exists within the same log file.
SizeLogEntryMatcher A matcher that returns only stores the last N entries but does not break (basically, will return the last N elements processed).

Enum Summary
LogEntry.Type The type of the log entry.
LogProcessType The type of process that generated the log.

GigaSpaces XAP 8.0 API

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