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Interface ServiceProxyAccessor

All Known Subinterfaces:
IJSpaceContainer, PUServiceBean, Registrar, TxnManager
All Known Implementing Classes:
ESMImpl, GigaRegistrar, PUServiceBeanImpl, PUServiceBeanProxy,, TxnManagerImpl

public interface ServiceProxyAccessor

Provides a means to obtain a client-side proxy from a "base" service object.

This interface is typically implemented by a service implementation and/or it's remote activatable reference, if any, to allow the service to return the object of its choice for a client-side reference. When a non-activatable service is created, NonActivatableServiceDescriptor.create(), returns the result from <impl>.getServiceProxy(), if supported, where <impl> is the service implementation instance. When an activatable service is created, SharedActivatableServiceDescriptor.create(), returns the result of <act_ref>.getServiceProxy(), if supported, where <act_ref> is the service reference returned by the call to ActivationID.activate().

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
See Also:
NonActivatableServiceDescriptor, SharedActivatableServiceDescriptor, ActivationID

Method Summary
 Object getServiceProxy()
          Returns a proxy object for this object.

Method Detail


Object getServiceProxy()
                       throws RemoteException
Returns a proxy object for this object. This value should not be null.

a proxy object reference

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