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Class ServiceStarter

  extended by com.sun.jini.start.ServiceStarter

public class ServiceStarter
extends Object

This class provides the main routine for starting shared groups, non-activatable services, and activatable services. The following implementation-specific items are discussed below:

Configuring ServiceStarter

This implementation of ServiceStarter supports the following configuration entries, with component com.sun.jini.start:
  Type: LoginContext
  Default: null
  Description: If not null, specifies the JAAS login context to use for performing a JAAS login and supplying the Subject to use when running the service starter. If null, no JAAS login is performed.
  Type: ServiceDescriptor[]
  Default: no default
  Description: Array of service descriptors to start.

Loggers and Logging Levels

The implementation uses the Logger, named com.sun.jini.start.service.starter. The following table describes the type of information logged as well as the levels of information logged.

Level Description
SEVERE for problems that prevent service creation from proceeding
WARNING for problems with service creation that don't prevent further processing
FINER for high level service creation operation tracing
FINEST for low level service creation operation tracing

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Method Summary
static void main(String[] args)
          The main method for the ServiceStarter application.
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Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)
The main method for the ServiceStarter application. The args argument is passed directly to ConfigurationProvider.getInstance() in order to obtain a Configuration object. This configuration object is then queried for the com.sun.jini.start.serviceDescriptors entry, which is assumed to be a ServiceDescriptor[]. The create() method is then called on each of the array elements.

args - String[] passed to ConfigurationProvider.getInstance() in order to obtain a Configuration object.
See Also:
ServiceDescriptor, SharedActivatableServiceDescriptor, SharedActivationGroupDescriptor, NonActivatableServiceDescriptor, Configuration, ConfigurationProvider

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