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Class CheckJDK1_4

  extended by com.sun.jini.tool.envcheck.AbstractPlugin
      extended by com.sun.jini.tool.envcheck.plugins.CheckJDK1_4
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CheckJDK1_4
extends AbstractPlugin

Check that the Java platform is at least version 1.4. This check is applied to the VM invoked by the command line being analyzed and the VM invoked by a SharedActivationGroupDescriptor if the descriptor's getServerCommand() method returns non-null.

Nested Class Summary
static class CheckJDK1_4.JDK1_4Task
          Subtask to check the VM version.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void run(EnvCheck envCheck)
          Check the validity of the activation group VM (if there is one)
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Constructor Detail


public CheckJDK1_4()
Method Detail


public void run(EnvCheck envCheck)
Check the validity of the activation group VM (if there is one)

envCheck - the container

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