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Class ReplicationRedoLogOverflowToDiskAlertConfigurer

  extended by org.openspaces.admin.alert.config.ReplicationRedoLogOverflowToDiskAlertConfigurer
All Implemented Interfaces:
AlertConfigurer, BeanConfigurer<AlertConfiguration>

public class ReplicationRedoLogOverflowToDiskAlertConfigurer
extends Object
implements AlertConfigurer

A replication redo log overflow to disk alert configurer. The alert is raised if a redo log has exceeded the defined memory capacity and excess packets are being written to disk. The alert is resolved once the disk is no longer in use.

When target space is unavailable, replication packets are stored in the redo log (a.k.a backlog). If the capacity of the memory redo log exceeds, the disk is used. Once the target reconnects, the backlog is transmitted. When the disk is no longer in use, a resolution alert is triggered. On the other hand, if the disk redo log capacity exceeds, then the redo log is cleared and target will sync upon recovery. When the redo log is cleared the disk is no longer in use and an alert will be triggered as well.

Use the call to create() to create a fully initialized ReplicationRedoLogOverflowToDiskAlertConfiguration configuration.

Moran Avigdor
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Constructor Summary
          Constructs an empty alert configuration.
Method Summary
 ReplicationRedoLogOverflowToDiskAlertConfiguration create()
          Get a fully configured configuration (after all properties have been set).
 ReplicationRedoLogOverflowToDiskAlertConfigurer enable(boolean enabled)
          Enable an alert using this configuration.
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Constructor Detail


public ReplicationRedoLogOverflowToDiskAlertConfigurer()
Constructs an empty alert configuration.

Method Detail


public ReplicationRedoLogOverflowToDiskAlertConfigurer enable(boolean enabled)
Description copied from interface: AlertConfigurer
Enable an alert using this configuration. By default an alert is disabled.

Specified by:
enable in interface AlertConfigurer
enabled - true to enable the alert using this configuration; false to disable the alert.
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public ReplicationRedoLogOverflowToDiskAlertConfiguration create()
Get a fully configured configuration (after all properties have been set).

Specified by:
create in interface BeanConfigurer<AlertConfiguration>
a fully configured alert bean configuration.

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