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Interface BeanConfigurer<T extends BeanConfig>

All Known Subinterfaces:
AlertConfigurer, ScaleStrategyConfigurer<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AutomaticCapacityScaleConfigurer, CpuUtilizationAlertConfigurer, EagerScaleConfigurer, GarbageCollectionAlertConfigurer, HeapMemoryUtilizationAlertConfigurer, ManualCapacityPerZonesScaleConfigurer, ManualCapacityScaleConfigurer, MirrorPersistenceFailureAlertConfigurer, PhysicalMemoryUtilizationAlertConfigurer, ProcessingUnitInstanceMemberAliveIndicatorAlertConfigurer, ProvisionFailureAlertConfigurer, ReplicationChannelDisconnectedAlertConfigurer, ReplicationRedoLogOverflowToDiskAlertConfigurer, ReplicationRedoLogSizeAlertConfigurer

public interface BeanConfigurer<T extends BeanConfig>

A weakly-typed configuration API based on the 'builder' patterns for a more convenient code-fluent approach to configuring a BeanConfig.

The fully configured BeanConfig object is returned by the call to create().

By default, the configuration is empty - has no properties set. The recommended setting for the configuration properties should be derived from the javadoc.

Moran Avigdor, Itai Frenkel

Method Summary
 T create()
          Get the fully configured BeanConfig object (after all properties have been set).

Method Detail


T create()
Get the fully configured BeanConfig object (after all properties have been set).

a fully configured BeanConfig.

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