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Packages that use DumpProvider
org.openspaces.admin Entry point for Admin API, allowing to use AdminFactory in order to create an Admin instance. 
org.openspaces.admin.esm Support for managing of Elastic Service Manager(s) through the Admin API. 
org.openspaces.admin.gsa Support for managing of Grid Service Agent(s) through the Admin API. 
org.openspaces.admin.gsc Support for managing of Grid Service Container(s) through the Admin API. 
org.openspaces.admin.gsm Support for managing of Grid Service Manager(s) through the Admin API. 
org.openspaces.admin.lus Support for managing of Lookup Service(s) through the Admin API. 
org.openspaces.admin.machine Support for managing of Machine(s) through the Admin API. Support for managing of Zone(s) through the Admin API. 

Uses of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin

Subinterfaces of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin
 interface Admin
          The main interface for accessing Admin API.

Method parameters in org.openspaces.admin with type arguments of type DumpProvider
 DumpResult Admin.generateDump(Set<DumpProvider> dumpProviders, DumpGeneratedListener listener, String cause, Map<String,Object> context, String... processor)
          Generates dump for an explicit set of dump providers.

Uses of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.dump

Methods in org.openspaces.admin.dump with parameters of type DumpProvider
 void DumpDownloadListener.onDownload(DumpProvider dumpProvider, long downloadedBytes, String name, String fileName)
          Called repeatedly with the downloaded bytes since the last call (the total can be obtained from DumpResult.downloadSize().
 void DumpGeneratedListener.onGenerated(DumpProvider provider, DumpResult dumpResult, int currentCount, int totalCount)
          A listener to be notified when a dump was generated.

Uses of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.esm

Subinterfaces of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.esm
 interface ElasticServiceManager
          The base Elastic Service Manager interface for deploying an elastic data-grid service.
 interface ElasticServiceManagers
          Provides simple means to get all the current managers, as well as as registering for manager life-cycle (added and removed) events.

Uses of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.gsa

Subinterfaces of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.gsa
 interface GridServiceAgent
          A Grid Service Agent is a process manager allowing to start and stop (on the operating system process level) processes (such as GridServiceManager, GridServiceContainer and LookupService.
 interface GridServiceAgents
          Grid Service Agents hold all the different GridServiceAgent that are currently discovered.

Uses of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.gsc

Subinterfaces of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.gsc
 interface GridServiceContainer
          A Grid Service Container is a container for ProcessingUnitInstances allocated to it through the GridServiceManager that manages it.
 interface GridServiceContainers
          Grid Service Containers hold all the different GridServiceContainers that are currently discovered.

Uses of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.gsm

Subinterfaces of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.gsm
 interface GridServiceManager
          A Grid Service Manager is a manager for ProcessingUnit deployments (acting either as primary or backups for a certain processing unit deployment).
 interface GridServiceManagers
          Grid Service Containers hold all the different GridServiceManagers that are currently discovered.

Uses of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.lus

Subinterfaces of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.lus
 interface LookupService
          A lookup service acts a lookup server where different grid components register and maintain a lease against.
 interface LookupServices
          Lookup Services hold all the different LookupServices that are currently discovered.

Uses of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.machine

Subinterfaces of DumpProvider in org.openspaces.admin.machine
 interface Machine
          A Machine is a logical entity identified by a host address.

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Subinterfaces of DumpProvider in
 interface Zone

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